Dear CPF Alberta Members and Stakeholders,

Like you, I am so glad that my children have had the opportunity to be in French Immersion from kindergarten all the way through high school and now into University.  It is such a gift to have access to learning another language and knowing multiple languages is advantageous in so many ways.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the doors which have opened to me and to my kids because of being bilingual.

My children have now graduated from the Alberta Education system, but I am very concerned for those students who are still in it.  The changes to the curriculum proposed by the Alberta Government seem to barely consider French language learning and it looks to me that many students will struggle with the new approach, and that parents will withdraw their students, weakening our otherwise incredible immersion programs.

Not only do these changes impact French Immersion but they threaten the success of general learning for younger Albertans as well. Experts say these proposed changes will put Alberta’s school curriculum vastly out of step with most of North America and are regressive, racist, and unsupported by evidence-based research.

For the sake of our kids and our future, we cannot afford to sit back and let the proposed curriculum make Alberta’s education system a laughingstock.

My eldest daughter has just embarked on a PhD at McGill in Montreal and she completed her undergraduate studies in French.  She is loving living in a French community and says she regularly feels so accomplished when she has an interaction with her neighbors or a store clerk in French.  When I hear her say that, it warms my heart and feels like my parenting mission is well done!

Let’s make sure all our kids get the same benefits that my family received.  We need to fight to keep real learning in our schools that prioritize the needs of young Albertans first instead of those of out-of-touch politicians who have lost sight of what really matters to Albertan families.

Thank you for your support for our wonderful organization and your ongoing commitment to French Immersion learning in Alberta and across Canada.

Victoria Wishart 

President CPF – Alberta

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The following letter was sent to the Minister of Education expressing our concerns in regards to the proposed French Langauge Arts and Literature curriculum.  Please read and feel free to share.

Open Letter to Minister of Education

Key Considerations

#1 Most parents haven’t even seen the new French curriculum because the Alberta Government hasn’t translated into English.

#2  There is a severe lack of oral communication skills in the proposed curriculum. We want our kids to be able to communicate in French. Majority of students do not get this opportunity in their home life. In a French Immersion program students rely on this to happen in the classroom to be successful and confident.

#3 Kids should be at the centre of any education system but this new curriculum puts them in the backseat and is completely inappropriate for their grade level.

To view more information:

CPF Alberta Press Release – is calling on the Government of Alberta to provide real opportunities for parents and the public to openly and actively participate in the virtual sessions being hosted by Alberta Education staff in regards to the draft K-6 curriculum.

English Summary of proposed French Immersion Language arts and Literature Program K-6*
English Translation of Proposed French Immersion Curriculum*

French Immersion Language Arts and Literature – Curriculum link in English
Alberta Education Proposed Curriculum

The following website is dedicated to the review of the proposed curriculum: Click Here

Alberta Education is holding online sessions so Albertans can hear information about the curriculum and ask questions. Please visit for a list of sessions and to register. Sessions will be offered in both English and French, during both the day and evening.

*This is not an official Alberta Education translation of the Proposed Alberta French Language Arts & Literature Curriculum- it has been undertaken by Canadian Parents for French so that English-speaking parents and other stakeholders can gain a sense of appreciation of its contents.
Proposed Alberta French Language Arts & Literature Curriculum has been drawn up in the French language. In case of discrepancies between the French text version of Proposed Alberta French Language Arts & Literature Curriculum and any translation, the French version shall prevail.