Is your child learning French at school?  Are you nervous about them surpassing your French ability?  Are you wondering whether you’ll still be able to help with their French homework?

If you are a CPF member (or planning on becoming one), we’ve got good news for you!

CPF Branches and Chapters have been offering free or low cost ‘Adult French Lessons’ to our members for almost 40 years!  We believe it’s never too late to learn French… and we believe that when a parent shows interest in learning French, it only helps to motivate their child even more.

Let us help you speak French with confidence!

  • Whether you’re looking for in-person or online classes, we’ve got something for everyone.
  • We like to keep the groups small so we can give you the best possible support.
  • We focus on the basics, like helping with homework or doing family activities – like your goodnight routine – in French!

We are proud to offer French classes for Parents, Enhanced Self-Guided French Course - Level 1 & 2 & 3

Would you like to be notified when Enhanced French for Parents – Level 3 is available?

These 6-week self-guided courses are designed to give students the opportunity to learn French at their own pace – watching the content released weekly when it best suits them.

Throughout the course, students will learn to talk about their personal environment and to interact in various daily-life situations.

Each class focuses on a specific situation of communication and builds on the previous one in order to gradually move towards basic conversations.

  • Access to a new recorded video + PDF materials each week
  • Quiz at the end of every lesson to test your comprehension & retention
  • Support & interaction through the comments feature available on the platform
  • Access to  live sessions every 1st Wednesday of each month.

Final Session before Summer Break

French for Parents In-person 8 week course:

Please contact your local chapter to see if this will be offered in your community or email

Consult our Calendar of Events for upcoming sessions and registration.

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