Canadian Parents for French is a nationwide, research-informed, volunteer organization that furthers bilingualism by promoting opportunities to learn and use French for all those who call Canada home. 

 Vision Statement:

A Canada where French – and English – speakers live together in mutual respect with an understanding and appreciation of each other’s language and culture and where linguistic duality forms an integral part of society.

 Value Statement: 

At Canadian Parents for French, we value commitment to our mandate, the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, and the taking of initiative and responsibility so that we achieve credibility and effectiveness. 

Position Statements :

In Canada, very student has the opportunity to learn French and access the French as a second language program that meets his or her needs and aspirations. 

All students have access to a wide variety of effective, evidence-based French as a second official language programs from Kindergarten to Post-secondary. 

Proficiency levels and goals are in place so language learners, parents, teachers, post-secondary institutions and potential employers have a common understanding of each learner’s French-language abilities and the expectations of respective programs. 

Governments are accountable for reporting on achievement of students and French as a second official language programs. Parents and community stakeholders are actively engaged and involved in decision-making with school boards. 

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