At the Heart of our Mission

Advocating for French as a second language (FSL) educational opportunities for youth across Canada is at the heart of what we do. And what better way to achieve our objective than to ensure our advocacy is solidly grounded in research and statistics?

To make sure that stakeholders and the wider public understand the needs, challenges and opportunities in the FSL landscape, we are constantly developing new tools and research to take the conversation to a higher level.

One must-have tool we’ve created is The State of French Second Language Education in Canada, a series of research reports that evaluates and analyzes FSL education across the country. Throughout the years, parents, educators and stakeholders have relied on them to advocate for improved FSL education across Canada. And the extensive, detailed information in them helps decision-makers support our cause.

The State of FSL Education in Canada in 2017: Focus on FSL Students

The first in a series, this 2017 report explores some challenges experienced by FSL students, such as inclusion and proficiency.

The State of FSL Education in Canada in 2018: Focus on FSL Teachers

Teachers are the focus in 2018, as they are an integral part of student success in FSL education. The report identifies trends and challenges that need addressing and includes recommendations on how stakeholders and governments can support them.

The State of FSL Education in Canada in 2019: Focus on FSL Programs

This final report in the series identifies key trends in FSL programs such as French immersion and core French. It includes a review of research findings on the evolution of these programs and other topics like proficiency, inclusive practices and instruction.​

Executive Summaries

As parents and educators, how can you make use of these findings to advocate for your child, student or community? Share the executive summaries below with your network and decision makers. Check out the tools we’ve developed, based on these reports, to support your advocacy efforts. Learn more. 

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