The principle of linguistic duality was at the heart of the Confederation of Canada. It continues to be an integral part of the Canadian identity and a fundamental core value of our country.

But what exactly is Linguistic Duality?

According to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, linguistic duality is defined as the “the presence of two linguistic majorities cohabiting in the same country, with linguistic minority communities spread across the country”.

In short, linguistic duality signals the commitment of English and French-speaking Canadians to work together to make our country thrive.

The Linguistic Duality Network

Our official languages foster mutual understanding among communities and help create bonds between all Canadians. By continuing to promote English and French, we aim to build a fairer, more inclusive and prosperous society for all Canadians!  

CPF National, along with two key partners, French for the Future and The Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue, established the Linguistic Duality Network in 2018. Since then, we have united our voices in promoting the importance of the linguistic majority learning and appreciating the cultures of the linguistic minority communities in Canada.

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Make Every Day Linguistic Duality Day!

Have you ever heard of Linguistic Duality Day?  Well, Canada officially celebrates this day each second Thursday in September!

But why wait for this once-a-year event when every day can be Linguistic Duality Day?

We’ve created a guide of activities to inspire our communities, families and children. Check it out to see how easy it is to celebrate this core part of our Canadian identity!  

Read it to learn:

  • how to mark the day virtually;
  • how to mark the day as a community;
  • how to mark the day as a school event; and
  • how to host a Teach-in.

Our goal is to reach out to all Canadians and celebrate what makes Canada unique in the world!