Benefits for Chapters

  1. Rebate fees on members’ dues as well as other financial assistance from grants, project funds, etc. Ask your branch for details! 
  2. Support for activities through our experienced staff members, our network of volunteers and professional contacts, the branch website, our fact sheets, and resource library. 
  3. Gain credibility by belonging to a respected national/provincial/territorial organization.
  4. Sponsorship of their representatives to attend conferences and learning sessions; on-site training as available. 
  5. Bulk copies of CPF National and Branch Publications and other resources for use in program promotion. 

Being a member of CPF has its privileges: members can download our Chapter Fundraising guide for the information you need to organize your most successful fundraiser yet!

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2021 - Chapter Resources - Chapter Fundraising Guide
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For more information on CPF Chapters please contact: or your local CPF Branch.