Benefits for Chapters

  1. Rebate fees on members’ dues as well as other financial assistance from grants, project funds, etc. Ask your branch for details! 
  2. Support for activities through our experienced staff members, our network of volunteers and professional contacts, the branch website, our fact sheets, and resource library. 
  3. Gain credibility by belonging to a respected national/provincial/territorial organization.
  4. Sponsorship of their representatives to attend conferences and learning sessions; on-site training as available. 
  5. Bulk copies of CPF National and Branch Publications and other resources for use in program promotion. 

Being a member of CPF has its privileges: members can download our Chapter Fundraising guide for the information you need to organize your most successful fundraiser yet!

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2021 - Chapter Resources - Chapter Fundraising Guide
Members only

For more information on CPF Chapters please contact: or your local CPF Branch. 

Resource for French Teachers and Chapters (Grades 9 and up):
One of our partners, REEL Canada, has a great event coming up Thursday, December 2nd. (AMO members can access the REEL Canada film library any time of year free of charge). This will be a livestream in French showcasing a variety of Canadian short films on the theme of ani-racism. Those that register can also watch recordings afterwards. 
•includes lesson plans, sensitivity support resources, extension activities, access to films
•suitable for in-class or remote learning for grades 9 and above
•suitable for native French speakers and FSL students who can follow a French-language conversation
•entirely FREE!
  1. Register: check out the website:
  2. Before the Livestream: Watch the films with your students via streaming link or DVD provided by REEL CANADA
  3. Livestream: Log in to watch the online webcast LIVE, or watch a recording of it later
  4. Participate: From their own devices, students can engage in interactive activities (e.g., polling questions, instant reactions, discussion threads, and more!)
If you know a French teacher who would be interested in this programme, please forward the information above.
If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to write to or give REEL Canada a call at 1-888-508-0881 ext. 221