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Bradley Cooper

2021-05-14T11:12:37-04:00February 24th, 2021|For Parents, FSL Champion Stories|

Bradley Cooper learned French while studying in Aix-en-Provence when he was in college. Don't believe it? Check out this interview he did with media in France to promote his film, The Hangover 2. In the interview he answers questions from French fans!

Alex Trebek

2021-02-24T19:04:06-05:00February 24th, 2021|For Parents, FSL Champion Stories|

The beloved late Alex Trebek hosted Jeopardy! for 37 seasons. That’s over 7,500 episodes! People knew him as being intelligent, quick-witted and eloquent, but did you know he also spoke French? His mother’s last name was Lagacé and she was Franco-Ontarian. Alex credited his mom for adding “French-speaking” to his extensive resume and enduring legacy.
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