Member Benefits

We strive to have a membership as diverse as Canada! Our members are in all provinces and territories across the country and are from many different backgrounds.

Joining CPF with a FREE membership, allows you to join a community of like-minded individuals, who are committed to supporting and improving access to French as an additional language education. You’ll also have access to exclusive resources and events to support the French language learners in your life.

Receive our monthly CPF Newsletter with exclusive early access to registration and events

Participate in networking opportunities with like-minded individuals

Events include community meetings, skill-building workshops, information sessions for parents/caregivers and more!

Engage with advocacy

By becoming a CPF member, you’ll join your voice with ours and help us advocate for access to quality education – whether at school boards or with ministers and administrators at the provincial/territorial and national levels.

Visit our resources page for pamphlets, learning aids and more!

Member Discounts

CPF has connected with incredible organizations who support our mission and want to offer our members these amazing discounts!

15% Discount from Bayard Canada

Subscribe your French learner to a French youth magazine with Bayard Jeunesse Canada to receive 15% off.

10% Discount from Watermelon Works

CPF Members receive a 10% discount from Watermelon Works, Through explicit and systematic teaching of the language code, your child will improve not only their pronunciation, but also their reading, writing, fluency and comprehension.

Discounts from Les 400 coups

Stay tuned for upcoming discounts on books from “Les 400 coups”!