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Did you know that CPF gathers statistics from the Ministries and Departments of Education of every province and territory? Each year, we compile enrolment statistics to provide an overview of FSL education trends across Canada!

Highlights from the 2018-2019 edition:
  • Overall student enrolment in FSL programs remains stagnant across Canada. Whereas, consistent growth is being shown in Ontario, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and New Brunswick.
  • Compared to the previous year, French immersion continues to steadily grow in most provinces and territories while enrolment in core French continues to diminish across the country.

We recommend you use this document to support your advocacy efforts, as it will allow you to show stakeholders the hard data behind the current situation of FSL education in your province or territory. What better way to start the conversation on how to address potential issues?

* CPF publishes the French as a Second Language Enrolment Statistics annually but does not publish same-year statistics as not all ministries are able to finalize data in time for publication.

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