We like side hustles.

CPF is always trying out new ways to spread our love for French across Canada. That’s why we’ve collaborated with like-minded organizations and created these exciting projects. Check them out. There’s a little something for everyone.

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This is your one-stop website for French activities, programs, and cultural activities across Canada. Think of it as your French-speaking Rolodex…and we’re always adding more listings!

Where Are They Now

We love storytelling at CPF. Check out these stories from FSL graduates who have followed interesting careers paths and credit their French learning as one of the reasons for their success.

French for Life

This resources provides links to games and learning activities as well as information on current cultural activities, exchange programs, and employment opportunities. 

Laurier Project

Through various activities, contests, and awareness campaigns, The Laurier Project remembers Canada’s roots and recognizes their importance in the conception of contemporary Canada, the great nation we know today.

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