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The YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE) program is a national exchange opportunity for 16- and 17-year-old youth living in Canada. Over six weeks in the summer, youth travel to another community in Canada, living and working in their second official language. Participants are employed in public sector or non-profit jobs, providing them with meaningful employment experience and a chance to contribute to impactful work in communities across the country.

FSL Champions

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Can you believe ALL these famous people speak French?! Our Gaston the French Bulldog was amazed when he discovered the following actors, athletes, musicians, gameshow hosts, and political leaders all speak French. Let them inspire you to learn French, too!

Omar Sachedina

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Omar Sachedina is a familiar face to anyone who watches CTV News, reporting from across the country and around the world. Omar recently posted a tweet proudly announcing he'd filed his first report en français, crediting the French Immersion program he attended for this achievement. We think he sounded great!

Jill Barber

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Jill Barber is a three-time Juno Award nominated singer-songwriter with an unforgettable voice once heard, never forgotten. Her critically acclaimed repertoire spans a transformative spectrum from folk, to vocal jazz, to pop, and includes songs in both French and English. In this short video, Jill shares why she loves to write and sing songs in her deuxième langue.


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The language enrichment programs don’t have to end when you graduate. With Odyssey, French learners can find immersion opportunities as language assistants in immersive environments. Participants get to live in their learned language, while sharing their own linguistic skills with
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