Ottawa, June 16, 2023 — Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is pleased to learn that Bill C-13 was adopted by the Senate last night. The Bill is the first major reform to the Official Languages Act (OLA) in more than 30 years and has been highly anticipated and long awaited by the more than 35,000 CPF members.

“After more than six years of consultations, we are relieved to see the bill adopted before the summer break. For the first time, the OLA recognizes the importance of learning your second official language and this speaks to the core of our mandate. We join our francophone partner organizations in thanking the Minister of Official Languages, the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, as well as Senator René Cormier, sponsor of the bill in the Senate, and MPs from all political parties who worked diligently in these last few months demonstrating their support for bilingualism as a fundamental Canadian value,” shared Derrek Bentley, CPF National President.

The overarching vision within a modernized Official Languages Act will help ensure the opportunity for all Canadians to learn their second official language and affirm the benefits of a bilingual and multilingual Canada. This is a big step forward towards the real equality of French and English. Canada’s two official languages are an essential tool for inclusion and integration of all Canadians into our diverse society.

The adoption of this bill is fundamental for CPF’s work to ensure all Canadians have the opportunity to learn French, which will in turn contribute to the bilingualism rate and allow the French language to flourish in Canada. CPF is aware that the adoption of the law is but a first step, once receiving royal assent, it is to be followed by new regulations, and positive measures to ensure actions are taken to increase understanding of the new requirements.

CPF efforts will include advocacy with the provincial/territorial governments responsible for setting education policy and the fundamental decisions around the provision of French as a second language learning (core French and French immersion) within their “Education Act.” Their provisions for second language instruction vary from province to province to territory.

CPF contends that it will require the strong cooperation of provincial and territorial governments and various other educational stakeholders as well as a concerted effort in changing current perceptions held by educational authorities as they relate to FSL programs being “optional” to move into the next phase of our democratic development, that of recognition of the right to equitable access for second language learning.

CPF will work with stakeholders to review of all existing Education Acts to identify barriers, required amendments or strengthening of the language to ensure equitable access and delivery of FSL programs across Canada, and explicitly require a statement that the delivery of French language instruction as complementary to instruction in the primary majority language is not an “option” in a bilingual country, and equitable access to French immersion programs must be provided where numbers warrant.

Bilingualism is a core Canadian value. Official languages foster mutual understanding among many communities throughout Canada and help create bonds between all Canadians, regardless of their ancestry. By continuing to promote English and French, it will help achieve a goal we all share building a fairer, more inclusive and prosperous society for all Canadians, whether they speak English, French or both.


Canadian Parents for French is the national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which furthers bilingualism by creating and promoting French-second-language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

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