Ottawa, November 20, 2023— On this National Child Day, Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is excited to announce French Footprints: FSL in the Early Years, in partnership with Families Canada and 123 Petit Pas. The goal of this innovative pilot project is to encourage the introduction of French as a second language (FSL) programming in early childhood learning.

CPF is expanding its advocacy role for official bilingualism and its reach to support early childhood education settings by targeting early language learning. French Footprints underscores the importance of connecting early years practitioners to intentionally curated FSL training and resources. The goal of the project is to increase understanding among early years practitioners as it relates to bilingualism and support the value of introducing languages during a child’s formative years.

The initial phase of French Footprints includes an E-learning portal, consisting of four evidence-based modules, to introduce FSL programming to English-speaking children (ages 1–6) in a responsive, engaging way with a strong focus on the practical aspects to easily incorporate the lessons in the learning spaces. Participants will have access to free resources like the Bebé Bilingue Resource Kit, workshop sessions with Madame Amy Maan, founder of 123 Petit Pas and access to the “Fun in French Grant,” as additional support for their journey to deliver early FSL programming.

“We are thrilled to launch this new project in conjunction with National Child Day. We are aware of the importance of language learning in the early years and that CPF extends the resources and support we already provide to the FSL education landscape to early childhood education settings. National Child Day is an important reminder that children should have every opportunity to reach their full potential and CPF believes early second language learning is an important part of it. These efforts will contribute to increasing official languages bilingualism across Canada and the fulfilment of our mandate of creating opportunities for Canadian youth to learn and use French,” said Nicole Thibault, CEO, CPF Network.

November 20 marks National Child Day, observed in Canada since 1993. This year’s theme is Every Child, Every Right as all Canadian children should be able to experience all of their rights. CPF joins the United Nations and Children First Canada in observing this important day and supporting their cause. For resources and other activities related to this day, visit Locally in Ottawa, the CPF National office has registered a bilingual storytelling activity November 20 and 21 with junior and senior kindergarten classes at St Benedict Catholic School in Manotick.

Bilingualism, and FSL learning opportunities, are proven by research to provide developmental benefits to children both short- and long-term. French Footprints: FSL in the Early Years responds to the increasing demand for FSL programs as awareness around the benefits of FSL learning increases. To learn more about this project, visit


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