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Although CPF is a parent organization, teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF. Whether it is teachers and principals hosting CPF events in a school setting or parents and teachers coming together to promote and advocate for FSL issues, teachers are undeniably an important demographic in providing accessible quality FSL education for students across Canada.

Membership in CPF for educators

Membership in CPF is open to any adult who supports the goals of the association. You needn’t be a parent — we include many educators and researchers as well as grandparents, French-second-language program graduates, and others.

Canadian Parents for French is committed to promoting excellence in French-second-language (core and immersion) programs. Many teachers have already joined CPF as an extension of their professional memberships.

(Associations and organizations such as schools and school districts can also join CPF as affiliate, non-voting members.)

To join CPF:

Read about our Membership Benefits and Sign-up online.

CPF Alberta receives and distributes news of many resources and products designed to be of interest to students of French and their parents.

Publication does not imply CPF endorsement.

Following are just some of the opportunities for students learning French. Information is also provided through the CPF national newsletter and the CPF Alberta News, which are distributed to our members.

The Mary Joyce Booth Project

Are you a member of CPF interested in engaging your child, children or student(s) with the French language outside of a school setting? The Mary Joyce Booth Endowment Fund provides students across Canada with thousands of dollars towards French-second-language extracurricular opportunities. Click here for complete information on our national website.


L’Unithéâtre offers theater workshops in French for schools, an artist-in-residence program, summer camps, and more.

Théâtre à Pic in Calgary

Visual arts

The Société francophone des arts visuels de l’Alberta in Edmonton offers community studio workshops for children, summer art camps, and workshops in schools or for school groups visiting the city.

Other sources

Sound Language Solutions – original songs with lyrics which target the most common errors made by students learning French, with accompanying print resources and teacher’s guides

Teacher availability

Campus Saint-Jean has an online “job fair.”  Schools/districts can obtain a password to access the résumés of education graduates by calling contacting Career and Placement Services at the University of Alberta.

Information for teachers and administrators

Alberta Education’s Handbook for French Immersion Administrators

Alberta Teachers’ Association library – has resources to support those teaching French

American Council on Immersion Education – an organizational network for individuals interested in immersion education (teachers, administrators, teacher educators, researchers, parents). Check out their archive of articles from past editions of their newsletter.

Association Canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI/CAIT) and the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) offer information, resources, journals, conferences, and more

check out ACPI’s Electronic discussion forum on literacy

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

Connection: Information for Teachers – an online newsletter published by Alberta Education – stay connected with what’s new in education in Alberta! – look under “Curriculum and Resources” for “French Immersion” or “French as a Second Language” – scroll to the bottom of the first page to subscribe

Inclusive Education

Indicators of Inclusive Education

Diversity in French Immersion Classrooms: A Quick Inclusion Guide for Teachers

Inclusion of Students with Diverse Needs in French Immersion Schools What School Administrators Need to Know

Language Education and Learning Disabilities

French Immersion Information – Alberta Education

School Administrator’s Guide to Implementing Language Programming (Alberta Education, 2007)

Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-Based, Practitioner-Informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, The Centre for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

The State of French Second Language Education in Canada – CPF’s annual report outlining national and provincial/territorial support for French immersion and core French. Also include enrolment statistics and interesting articles. English version French version

Yes, You Can Help! – this handbook for French immersion parents is also a “primer” on the program for trustees and administrators not familiar with immersion, and offers insights for educators into the information needed by parents

CERF: Centre d’enseignement et de recherche in français

Language Research Centre (U. of C.)

Professional Development Consortia

Second Language & Intercultural Council (ATA)

Canadian Modern Language Review

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute at the University of Ottawa

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s Modern Language Centre

Center for Applied Linguistics


National Capital Language Resource Centre (U.S.)

Language/culture enhancement activities offers one-stop shopping for field trips, workshops, entertainers and other services in French to help student groups experience French. Subscribe to the Quoi de neuf? / What’s new? to automatically receive updates.

  • the directory is divided into six categories: performers, field trips, camps, cultural events, workshops and activities, resources and services
  • detailed descriptions of the services and activities listed
  • see what others had to say – ratings of the services and activities
  • a search engine that enables you to find activities that meet your criteria
  • listings of what’s available in your area of the province
  • what’s new, be it services or opportunities of a permanent nature or available for a limited time only.

Class trips to French-speaking areas of Canada and the world

Drama for Learning – visit the University of New Brunswick Second Language Education Centre website to learn about a module using “process drama” for the Grade 9/10 level of core French (“FSL”)

Check our What’s New page for information about current events. See also Youth Activities section.

Language Assistants (formerly “Official Language Monitors”):

The Odyssey and Accent programs provide, respectively, full- and part-time language assistants who support teachers by organizing activities to help students discover and appreciate the French language and culture, organize cultural activities, and support students as they learn French. Program information is available through the Council of Minister of Education, Canada web site. Applications are sent each spring by Alberta Education to school district superintendents where French immersion is offered. A limited number of language assistants are available each year, and where they are assigned to a district the choice of school is the responsibility of the superintendent.

CPF Alberta receives and distributes news of many resources and products designed to be of interest to students of French, their teachers, and their parents.

Publication does not imply CPF endorsement.

Pedagogical materials and resources includes more than 4,000 resources in French for Grades K-12. All have been screened for suitability and all specifically support outcomes in the Alberta Program of Studies. offers technology-based resources relating to the Alberta curriculum as well as support for educators at and S’[email protected] for students

Alberta Distance Learning Centre now offers Science, Mathematics, French Language Arts, Social Studies, and CALM as well as CTS courses, Psychology, Forensics, and Art for immersion students. Go to or call Esther Kupsch, Senior High Associate Principal 1-866-774-5333 ext 5183 or Berthe Comeau ext 6120.

Alberta Order of Excellence – new resources are now available for grades 4 (Stories of Excellence), 6 (In Pursuit of Excellence) and 10 (Excellence in Action) through the LearnAlberta website.

Alberta Program of Studies – to view and print out go to French version (includes “immersion”) or English version. For more information:

Connection: Information for Teachers – an online newsletter published by Alberta Education – scroll to the bottom of the first page to subscribe

Alberta Education’s Learning Resources Centre – provides a comprehensive range of learning and teaching resources, including both authorized resources that support the Alberta K-12 curriculum and general learning resources. Look under Catalogues: Alberta for French Resources or search for a specific title. Check out the Online Tutorials for How to Search for the Resources You Need.

Archives de Radio-Canada: Pour les profs – projets pédagogiques pour le 3e cycle du primaire et pour le secondaire et des pistes d’analyse et des activités destinées aux professeurs du collégial

book stories in Alberta:

Lacoste Bookstore
Calgary AB
[email protected]

Librairie le Carrefour
8927 – 91 St., Suite 40
(bottom floor in La Cité Francophone)
Edmonton AB T6C 3N1
780-466-1066 1-888-339-1556
part of the University of Alberta Bookstore
[email protected]

Canadian Health Network – a bilingual web site on the prevention and promotion of health, including topics like air pollution, relationships, and much more. Look in the “Enfants” and “Adolescents” sections, check under the various topics, or search using terms like “quiz” or “games” for information and resources to use in the classroom.

CDL2000 in Calgary specializes in French computer software. Contact Sylvie Mercier at 403-232-5482 or 1-866-277-5529, or visit

Census at School is an international classroom project for students aged 8 to 18. They complete a brief online survey, analyze their class results and compare themselves with students in Canada and other countries

Classroom Connections / Chaînon scolaire is a Canadian non-profit organization that develops free educational resources for schools across Canada. One of their recent publications is Découverte de la capitale du Canada: Tout un lieu de rassemblement for use in Grades 5-8 Social Studies.

Digital literacy for secondary students MyWorld / MonUnivers aims to teach students essential digital literacy skills through simulating their favourite online experiences. It deals with researching and authenticating online information, managing privacy and reputation, dealing with online relationships and using digital media in an ethical manner. It includes a Teacher’s Guide and Classroom Activities Guide. French version English version

Éditions Scholastic – offers pedagogical materials, Club de lecture, book fairs, magazine subscriptions, and more

Edmonton Public Schools’ Resource Development Services has many French resources available for purchase

Elections Alberta has translated its “Building Future Voters” education resources for grade 6, 9 and 12 for use in French immersion and Francophone schools.

Faites de la musique! comprises a CD and 9 companion books for young readers to follow along while listening to the songs (most books include discussion questions and activities as a supplementary page for teachers and parents)

Educorock Productions – music designed to eliminate lacks in specific grammatical and thematic structures at the grades K-10 school level

Financial skills The City is a learning program developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and the British Columbia Securities Commission. It teaches young people financial skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. English French

Fur Trade in a Box, a classroom edukit developed by the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, is now available in French. It supports the new Alberta Learning Social Studies curriculum and is designed for Grades 4 and 5. Included are a teacher’s manual; historic props and costumes; puppets and a puppet theatre script; an interactive fur trade game appealing to all types of learners; word games; maps; and more. There is no user fee other than the cost of delivery. (The perfect follow-up is a class visit to the historic, where students can take on the roles of Métis and Francophone traders and learn more about their influence on this province. And, of course, all the listening stations give explanations in both French and English.)

Jamais je ne l’oublierai / Never Will I Forget, a bilingual map about the historical contribution of Francophones to the development of Alberta, was a centennial project of the Association canadienne française de l’Alberta. The coloured map, featuring 15 pictures, provides information on approximately 50 communities where Francophones stayed and played an important role. It also shows that more than 560 places in Alberta attribute their names to French influences. The map can be purchased for $5.00 at Librairie La Carrefour in Edmonton and Librairie Monette in Calgary or by calling the ACFA at 780-466-1680.

JUMP Math is available in French especially for immersion programs beginning the fall of 2011 (grades 1-4). will connect you with web sites re: educational resources, training organizations for language learners, and research

Laws and the justice system The portal reaches out to children, teenagers, teachers and the general public with legal information, information on careers in the area of justice, and details on the workings of the justice system. The sections for children aged 8 -11, for teens, and for teachers are designed specifically for those audiences.

Le Réseau d’échanges offers authentic tasks and lesson plans to encourage FSL students to practice speaking and writing French

L’école des loisirs is a publisher in France which offers annual collections of 8 French books for all age groups. The children receive one each month from November to June. There are special rates for group orders of “Max” subscriptions, and a school library receives a free subscription for every 12 group subscriptions. Contact Isabelle Bergeron at 403-202-3280 in Calgary for further information.

The Library and Archives Canada Learning Centre offers educational products and services to teachers and students in both official lanaguges. English French

The Library of Parliament offers a variety of free, online, and inexpensive educational resources in both English and French relating to the Canadian Parliament, Senate, and governance.

MonUnivers: un tutoriel de littératie numérique destiné aux élèves du secondaire

Myosotis Press publishes textbooks and reference materials for the learning and teaching of French. 15% discount to CPF members – please indicate your membership number.

The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages offers for free:

bilingual posters

The Magic Mural – for children ages 4 to 7. Includes a non-interactive CD-ROM, a mouse pad, a poster and an Activity guide. A parent or teacher must accompany the children on these Magic Mural adventures.

Adventures in Time – for 10 and 11-year-olds. Includes a story and fun activities.

Talking to Each Other – activities for exploring Canada’s official languages. Kit for high school teachers (grades 9 – 12). Contains 11 lesson ideas and supporting material for the language arts, history, geography, social sciences, law, and even mathematics (surveys).

The Peer Tutoring Literacy Program is aimed at fostering literacy in French immersion. It is designed for Grade 2 and 3 students who are experiencing moderate difficulties with French reading who would benefit from extra reading support.

Puzzlemaker – allows you to generate your own word searches and other puzzles online

REPSIT – Ce répertoire analytique contient plus de 2000 sites choisis pour leur valeur informative, leur français soigné, leur présentation conviviale et leurs qualités d’ensemble. Il vise un public francophone et francophile intéressé à l’enseignement ou à l’apprentissage de la langue française, la littérature et la culture francophones.

Sabita et les mots magiques mêlés is a simple children’s storybook written in the present tense, accompanied by the story on CD. Tara Natter (B.Ed., former Calgary immersion teacher) created this package to present French sounds (like eau = o) through a story of wizards, potions, and magic so that children can practice their reading at home even when their parents don’t know French. It is also designed for use in the classroom.

Science-In-A-Crate – The Science Alberta Foundation offers the following science kits in French:

  • Ways of Knowing: Teaching Time, Weather on the Trapline – bilingual kit for Grade 5
  • Ways of Knowing: Lessons from the Sky – bilingual kit for Grade 6
  • Save Our School: Evidence and investigation – French kit for Grade 6
  • Team Aquatica: Fresh and Saltwater Systems – French kit for Grade 8
  • Information Assurance: Electrical Principles – bilingual kit for Grade 9
  • Extreme Alberta Challenge: Biological Diversity – French kit for Grade 9

Sound Language Solutions – original songs with lyrics which target the most common errors made by students learning French, with accompanying print resources and teacher’s guides. They also do workshops for teachers.

TFO (la television educatif et culturelle de l’Ontario) offers games, classroom resources, hotlinks, and more.

The Education Station offers posters, games, stickers, CDs, and more. Visit 13204 – 137 Ave. in Edmonton or order online.

Top French Videos – a collection of fun video clips (commercials, music, cartoons, film trailers, etc.) and PowerPoint presentations selected to lighten up the study of French

Verbathon – “Specifically designed to meet both the needs of educators and students, Verbathon makes verbs and grammar fun and exciting to teach and learn in languages such as French and Spanish. Verbathon addresses three teaching and learning challenges: how to reduce the teacher’s work, how to evaluate the language skills of students, how to have fun with the students.”

Via Musica – resources developed here in Alberta to assist with music education at the elementary level

Other sources include:

Aquila Communications

Centre Franco-Ontarien de Resources Pédagogiques


Poster Pals

RDL Canada

Tralco-Lingo Fun

Professional Associations

Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion – Canadian association of immersion teachers

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers – now members of CPF receive $10 off a membership in CASLT

Le Conseil Français – ATA specialist council for French immersion and French first language teachers

Second Languages & Intercultural Council – ATA specialist council for second language teachers

Alberta Teachers’ Association

College of Alberta School Superintendents

CPF Alberta receives and distributes news of many resources and products designed to be of interest to students of French, their teachers, and their parents.

Publication does not imply CPF endorsement.

  • Professional Development

    Bursaries, workshops, courses, programs, and conferences.

    Read More

  • FSL Promotion

    CPF Alberta has produced an information package to promote the learning and teaching of French. Share them with parents and other audiences in your community!

    Read More

  • Student Retention

    Encourage them to continue studying French

    CPF Alberta's information package to promote the learning and teaching of French includes handouts, ads for school newsletters, and quotes promoting the continued study of French.

    Read More

  • Language Proficiency Diplomas

    The CEFR is a common tool for the 49 countries of the council of Europe. It was developed to promote language learning, to facilitate educational and occupational mobility, and to support plurilingualism and multiculturalism.

    Read More

See also:

CPF Peer Tutoring Literacy Program


Youth Activities

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