Michael Tryon is the current Executive Director of the Alberta Branch of Canadian Parents for French, and presently resides in the city of Edmonton.

Michael was born in Calgary where his father, who was a military man (as were many members of Michael’s family) was stationed. He’s been married for 34 years, and has two children aged 18 and 25 respectively.

Due to his father’s military service, Michael moved around a lot growing up. This means he also attended many different schools in a variety of countries between kindergarten and grade 12, even attending school in Japan as an exchange student in the early 80s. Eventually, though, Michael would graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts (French/Sociology), a Bachelor of Education (Elementary), and a Diploma of Education (Post-secondary).

Going back in time a little, Michael first got his start in education through the military. This was because he commissioned as an officer, which meant that part of the required training involved teaching; in truth, teaching has always informed a large part of Michael’s experiences in the workplace.

Initially, Michael discovered CPF as a parent, and due to his own desire to be involved in education, he regularly volunteered to help with events planned by the organization. Michael wanted to be able to use French to advance his career, and also had a strong wish to support kids going through French Immersion programs; and so about 14 years ago, he applied for the position of Executive Director at CPF Alberta, and the rest is history!

Before coming upon CPF, however, Michael had worked numerous other jobs throughout the years. Michael has worked in seemingly innumerable positions — from his first paying job as a camp counsellor for a summer camp, to teaching French and English to students in Japan, to selling hotel rooms, it’s safe to say Michael’s got quite the extensive resume. A lot of his work experience, though, is centered around the concept of teaching, which is something that Michael holds very dear, and CPF is largely a culmination of his strong passion for both French and education. A match made in Heaven, if you will.

Outside of CPF, Michael has served as a reserve officer in the Canadian Armed Forces for 34 years, and has regularly volunteered with the various Victims Service Units across Canada, where he assists victims of crime and tragedy. And as if Michael wasn’t busy enough, he also occasionally volunteers as a soccer referee! Nobody can say that our director of CPF Alberta doesn’t like to keep busy, that much is for sure.

When it comes to hobbies and personal interests, Michael is an avid reader. He’s always reading something or other when able, and has also developed an interest in audiobooks.

While Michael certainly has no objections to reading most every type of book, his favourite genres to read would be historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

Michael also enjoys travelling, and as a result of both his upbringing and his own interest, Michael has been to many, many places all around the world. From Japan to Germany to Pompeii to the cold north of Canada and the jungles of Venezuela; Michael’s travels have allowed him to link what he’s learned with reality.

For the time being, Michael plans on focusing his efforts on the North-West Territories Branch of CPF, which is going through changes and is in need of restructuring. Apart from that, though, Michael hopes to continue to allow CPF Alberta to thrive, to continue to evolve the branch and to provide yet further support for parents and children alike. As is currently stands, the future for CPF Alberta is looking bright, and Michael doesn’t plan to leave any time soon!