Stephanie Brighton is a researcher with a media consulting group called OneFish TwoFish.

We work in children’s media, providing expertise in television, video, educational games, and interactive projects, websites, toolkits, and curriculum material. We help media companies shape the future of children’s media, making sure that children of diverse groups have media out there that relates to them.

We are looking for Canadian kids, both English and French, ages 3-17 to participate in a focus group about various types of media. Topics they would comment on range from inclusion in current running television series, to feedback on shows or games that are in development. Sessions are usually an hour and kids will be compensated with an e-transfer of $25.

The women conducting this study for OneFish TwoFish are Kim Wilson and Adriana Ruggiero. Kim is a 30-year veteran of kid’s media who has focused on educational programming for public broadcasters. Adriana has a master’s degree in Psychology and is working towards her PhD in the Early Childhood Cognition Lab at Ryerson University. Her research broadly focuses on children’s social and cognitive behaviour, as well as their engagement with media and technology. I am a bilingual media studies graduate helping this company with the recruitment of children ages 3-17 to take part in our focus groups.

The current project we are advising on is called “Being Seen”, a nationwide study conducted by the Shaw Rocket Fund for children and the Black Screen Office of Canada. Not only are traits like gender and race important factors to look at, so is language, and because we are a bilingual country, we are trying to include those who are French within this study.

Stephanie Brighton was a French Immersion student, so she understands just how important it is to have quality French resources in their study to greatly influence this.


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