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Planning for postsecondary

The Alberta Learning Information Service provides a range of important information, from a Grade 6 Parent Guide to a comprehensive resource on choosing a postsecondary program in Alberta. All can be downloaded for free from this site. There are also links to additional information about education and training.

Check out this downloadable PDF! You’ll find everything you need to know about the Campus Saint-Jean — from what steps to follow (starting in grade 10) to what the dorms are like!

Campus Saint-Jean PDF

Studying French and studying in French within Alberta

Most post-secondary institutions in Alberta have French or language departments where you can continue to enhance your French proficiency. You can find everything from French language courses to French literary studies to French culture/civilization courses. Look also for non-credit language courses.

The following offer additional opportunities, such as other subject areas taught in French or French teacher training programs:

University of Alberta

Centre collégial de l’Alberta (Alberta’s francophone college) opened in September 2012. Its current programs:

  • Business Administration (Techniques d’administration des affaires)
  • Tourism Management (Gestion touristique)
  • Educational Assistant (Aide-élève)
  • Early Childhood Education (Éducation à la petite enfance)

Campus Saint-Jean is a department of the University of Alberta which offers the opportunity to study in a unique bilingual environment. It offers French language instruction in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs, including:

  • Enquire about almost $50,000 available in bursaries and scholarships by phoning 780-465-8700, 1-800-537-2509
  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Canadian Studies, Economics, French Language, French Literature, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, Political Science or Sociology
  • Master of Arts
  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Bilingual) degree is a collaborative effort between the University of Alberta School and Business and Campus Saint-Jean.
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Education or BEd-AD or BEd/BSc Masters in Education
  • A partnership with the Faculty of Engineering allows engineering students to complete their first year in French.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bilingual) in conjunction with the Faculty of Nursing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences (Bilingual) in conjunction with the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics.
  • Third and fourth year students registered in the arts, commerce, or education programs can choose to study for one semester in France.

Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Faculty of Education (to become a core French teacher)

Education Abroad

University of Calgary

“Immersion” courses: the University of Calgary offers a variety of courses at the undergraduate level taught in French through the faculties of social sciences, humanities, and science called the French Language Instruction Program (FLIP).

Department of French, Italian, and Spanish

Faculty of Education (to become a French teacher)

See also Études supérieures: Pédagogie et leadership, a certificate program in French for graduate students at the Faculty of Education. For more information contact Dr. Sylvie Roy, Coordonnatrice du français, Faculté d’éducation, 403-220-5641, [email protected]

Certificat d’études françaises

French Centre: immersion weekends, activities, tutorials, and more

Centre for Study Abroad

University of Lethbridge

Department of Modern Languages

Faculty of Education (to become a French teacher)

Studying French and in French elsewhere in Canada

Postsecondary “Immersion” in Western Canada

Post-Secondary French-Second-Language Programs for Anglophone Students

Where to Go and What to Do A Guide for Bilingual Youth

Scholarships and bursaries

Following are links to some important programs to help you financially. It is not a comprehensive list.

Fellowships for Full-time Studies in French, funded by the federal department of Canadian Heritage and administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs.

Be sure to also see Alberta Learning Information Service and Note, for example, the Languages in Teacher Education Scholarship.

Campus Saint-Jean – Enquire about almost $50,000 available in bursaries and scholarships by phoning 780-465-8700, 1-800-537-2509

$7000 bursary a year studying in Québec available through the University of Calgary’s Centre français

Mount Royal University scholarships and awards for French-language studies

John Harold Louis Moreau Scholarship (you have to scroll down the page to find it) – For education students with superior academic achievement who intend to teach in both French and English upon graduation.

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language Award

Scholarships to study abroad

Explore second language summer bursary program available to those who wish to study French during the spring/summer

CPF’s Mary Joyce Booth Endowment Fund bursary program includes “scholarships to FSL” programs (core French and immersion) among the eligible programs.

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