Learning Difficulties in French Immersion

///Learning Difficulties in French Immersion
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Alberta Education says: “Inclusion means that all students have equitable opportunities to be included in the typical learning environment or a program of choice. … The French Immersion program can provide a welcoming environment and the same supports for students with diverse learning needs as other programs.” For more information, take a look at:

“Experts … believe that there is no reason to exclude any students from French Immersion programs. For many students, even those who may appear to struggle with learning, the benefits outweigh the challenges and help build better language strategies in ways that might not be possible in an English-only program.”

Academically Challenged Students and French Second Language Programs The Executive Summary of CPF’s 2012 report on The State of French Second Language Learning in Canada features six very accessible summaries of presentations by researchers and experienced educators:

  • Access to Special Education for Exceptional Pupils in French Immersion Programs: An Equity Issue
  • The Suitability of Immersion for All Learners: What Does the Research Say?
  • Myths, Policies, and Research: The Case of a New Brunswick Grade 3 French Immersion Entry Point
  • Exceptional Learners: Honouring and Accommodating a Different Way of Learning
  • Closing the Window to Open the Door: Preparing for More Inclusive French Immersion Classes
  • Meeting Student Needs in French Immersion: Learning and Literacy Programming

As well as the recommendations from a June 2012 roundtable on this topic. See also the handout: Factsheet for Parents

“The heterogeneous classroom is the reality of the 21st century.” – Martine Pellerin, PhD

Whether your French immersion child is experiencing a mild learning difficulty or has a special need, you doubtless have questions about what you can and should do. Following are some resources of special interest to parents.

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