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French courses for adults “French for Immersion Parents” – contact your local CPF chapter to ask whether it is offering this program developed by CPF Alberta. This course is designed:

  1. To have the participants learn some very basic French vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure, or to provide a review of same for those who have had a previous introduction to French.

  2. To introduce some of the basics of French grammar.

  3. To help participants understand and feel comfortable with the immersion approach to language learning.

  4. To provide hints and strategies for immersion parents to use in supporting their children’s learning, regardless of their own knowledge of French.

  5. To introduce resources of interest to immersion parents.

  6. Level 2 of the course also includes an exploration of the reasons to remain in the French immersion program through grade 12.

  • Contact your local school board, community college, or university continuing education department (including the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta. They may be reached at 780-492-3116 )
  • Many public libraries throughout Alberta offer free access to the Mango language learning software
  • Courses are available through the Alliance Française in Edmonton and Calgary
  • Distance education French courses are offered by Athabasca University
  • Check out the Languages Canada web site!

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