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I’m learning French because…

Both CPF Alberta and CPF National have produced information packages and pamphlets to promote the learning and teaching of French (through core French or immersion). Share them with parents and other audiences in your community!

  • a series of handouts outlining the many reasons for young Albertans to choose French
  • public service announcements to insert in newsletters, flyers, etc.
  • quotes about learning French.

Other promotional resources

French Immersion Kindergarten in Alberta (one of the Curriculum Handbooks for Parents published by Alberta Education)

The handbook Yes, You Can Help! Information and Inspiration for French Immersion Parents 

CPF’s Early Childhood Activity Book (also available in several languages other than English)


I Want to Become Bilingual Because – CPF honours the students studying French as a second language across the county. Students of all ages fill in the blanks for the title statement, “I want to become bilingual because….” 7 minutes. View online or order the DVD – click here.

Proud of Two Languages – (updated in 2009) CPF showcases graduates of a variety of French-second-language programs. Seven young Canadians share their experiences as students learning a second language and talk about the benefits, both professional and personal 12.5 minutes. View online or order the DVD – click here.

Contact your local CPF chapter about:

  • our pamphlets about French second language learning
  • our PowerPoint presentation, “Introducing French Immersion”
  • our check-list of ideas and resources called “French Immersion: Making Informed Choices”
  • the I’m learning French because… posters
  • parents willing to share their experiences

Common Questions

The answers to many common questions can be found in the section Learning French in Alberta on this website.

Opening the Doors to Official Language Learning for Allophones

Alberta Education’s Guide to Education

Inclusion Policies – French Immersion : Indicators of Inclusive Schools

Handbook for French Immersion Administrators

from Alberta Education: online version

CPF Alberta receives and distributes news of many resources and products designed to be of interest to students of French, their teachers, and their parents.

Publication does not imply CPF endorsement.

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