• Why Learn French?

    The learning of a second language is in itself an excellent pursuit, not least because it develops an appreciation of the act of communicating with others, the subtleties that must be expressed in words, the importance of listening.

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  • What Do I Want for My Child?

    French in our Alberta schools.

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  • What Do the Experts Say?

    The loss of instructional time in English in favour of the second language has never been shown to have negative effects on the achievement of the first language. Cummins' interdependence hypothesis, which maintains that language skills are being transferred from one language to the other, can be assumed to be true for the core French situation as well. One can confidently assume that cognitive abilities acquired in the learning of one language can be put to use in the acquisition and proficiency of the other language. In many studies first language skills were shown to be enhanced, even if instruction time in L1 was reduced in favour of L2 instruction.

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