Municipal Elections 2017

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Monday, October 16, 2017, is municipal election day here in Alberta!  That means that you will also be voting for your local school board trustees at the same time – are you ready for it?  Do you know who you are going to vote for?  How will you decide who you are going to vote for?  So many questions and only a relatively short period of time to figure it out in.

Candidates have until Monday, September 18 to officially register with their local municipal elections office.  As of noon on Tuesday, September 19, you will be able to visit your local elections website (check your local municipalities website for links) to see who is on the ballot.
Once you know who is running in your ward or area, what should you do to find out more about your school board trustee candidates and their position on education issues in your district?
  • Visit either your city or town’s website to see a list of candidates on the ballot.
  • If your trustee candidates names are not there, contact your local school district office to find out where their names will be posted.
  • Once you have located their names, check online to see if they have a website up and running.  These websites can provide a wealth of information.
  • Look for brochures in your mailbox.  These brochures will list their main positions on key subjects.  There will also be complete contact information provided in them for you to reach out to them one-on-one.
  • Watch your local newspaper, listen to your local radio station or watch for interviews on TV.
  • Listen to see if your school council or another organization will be hosting a candidates forum. This will provide you an opportunity to hear them speak and respond to questions from both the moderator and the public.
  • If you still cannot find out your candidates position on key topics, give them a call, stop by their campaign office or send them an email.

Now that you have done all of this, what questions should you be asking your school board trustee candidates?  CPF Alberta has come up with the following list of questions that may address your concerns and questions:

  • What are your thoughts on the current and the proposed initiatives under Alberta’s Bill 1; An Act to Reduce School Fees? Specifically in regards to transportation fees for Immersion students? Are you in agreement that French Immersion students should have to pay for bus passes while their counterparts who attend English programming don’t.
  • What is your vision for French Second Language (FSL) programming in our district for the future?
  • Interest in French Immersion in Alberta has increased steadily over the past ten years. How will you accommodate heightened demand in our district? (if applicable)
  • What do you see as the main problems facing immersion and other FSL programmes in our district? How do you propose to address these?
  • How would you involve parents as stakeholders in discussions around expanding and improving the quality of FSL programming?
  • Our school board receives additional Federal funding for every student enrolled in French second language programs – it’s part of what’s called the Official Languages Educational Protocol (OLEP) agreement. What will you do as a trustee to help ensure the parent community understands how these targeted French funds are being used?
  • While overall enrolment in schools declines, enrolment in French immersion continues to increase. What is your perspective on the balance between English and French programmes in our district?
Once you have your answers, do not be afraid to share and discuss them with your friends and other French immersion parents.
Most important – remember to go out and vote on Monday, October 16!  You are part of the process that ensures that our elected officials are doing what we want them to do.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Canadian Parents for French Alberta office should you require any assistance, information or support!  See you on election day!

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