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CPF Alberta receives and distributes news of many resources and products designed to be of interest to students of French and their parents.

Publication does not imply CPF endorsement.

Following are just some of the opportunities for students learning French. Information is also provided through the CPF national newsletter and the CPF Alberta News, which are distributed to our members.

Contests and competitions

Be sure to check our What’s New page for information about current contests!

From Canadian Parents for French:

  • Français pour mon succès: CPF and partners offer junior high students an opportunity to win interesting prizes. Watch for information on our What’s New page early in each calendar year.
  • Allons en France: CPF and the Embassy of France partner each year to challenge Grade 11 and 12 students. Grand prize is a 10-day summer trip to France, including travel, accommodation, activities and insurance. Watch for information on our What’s New page early in each calendar year.

Grammar and spelling:

  • La Dictée PGL – an international competition to help improve students’ written French (includes a French immersion category)
  • Verbathon makes verbs and grammar fun and exciting to teach and learn. Students can then participate in a bi-annual international tournament.

Music and speech arts:

Public speaking:

  • Bilingual debates – teams defend their cases half in French and half in English – Alberta Debate and Speech Association
  • Poetry in Voice is a bilingual recitation contest for high schools across the country. Deadline for schools to sign up is December 31.

Science fairs:



Distance education:

The Alberta Distance Learning Centre now offers a wide variety of core and optional courses for French immersion students in grades 10, 11 and 12 as well as junior high science. These courses are available to individual students through year-round learning, via contracted services through schools, and via team teaching though the schools.

Click on “French Immersion Courses” or contact Esther Kupsch, Associate Principal, Senior High School at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5183. For a list of courses, click on “Course Options.” To view the Immersion Showcase, enter the username “immersion” and the password “adlc.”

Games online:


  • La Cité des Rocheuses in Calgary (French Community Centre at 4800 Richard Rd. SW) offers a Ciné-Club, showing two French films each month from September to May, one for children on Sunday afternoons and one for adults on Wednesday evenings. For descriptions of the films plus dates and times, click here and go to the calendar of activities. Non-members 6-16 yrs: $5.; 16 yrs+: $6. Price includes popcorn!
  • Once a month, the Institut Guy-Lacombe de la famille in Edmonton presents an animated French movie for the whole family. These free movies are shown at the Campus Saint Jean theatre (8406 – 91 Street). For more information, please call the Institut Guy-Lacombe de la famille at 780-468-6934.



The annual Jeux francophones de l’Alberta is a sports and cultural event for teens aged 12 to 18 who speak French fluently. Regional try-outs are held in January to March, and the provincial event in May.

Fédération du sport francophone de l’Alberta
9915A – 82 Ave, Edmonton AB T6E 1Z1
780-469-1367 [email protected]


  • Immersion Clip, an annual contest for grade 9-12 French immersion students to submit videos on the theme of the year, is offered by the Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers.
  • Speak Out! / Exprime-toi! is Alberta’s student engagement initiative. It’s a forum for secondary students to share their thoughts about learning and school and to have their voices heard by education decision-makers.
  • Camps and Summer Programs

    In Alberta, Canada, and abroad.

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  • Concours d'art oratoire

    Concours d'art oratoire 2018

    Date : Saturday, May 5 at 9:00 am

    Location : Holy Cross School in Edmonton, AB.

    Registration will be open March 1- April 20, 2018

    The highlights of Canadian Parents for French Alberta’s "Concours d'art oratoire" are:

    • This year’s competition is exclusively open to Core French, Early and Late French Immersion students who in this school year are taking French 30 or FLA 30.
    • Schools and school districts will not have to run a school/district competition to identify eligible candidates for the provincial competition.
    • Students will apply directly to Canadian Parents for French Alberta to compete and will only require confirmation of their program ( core, early or late French Immersion) from their school. This can be done in the form of an email.
    • Judging will be done by a panel located in Edmonton.
    • Up to 4 winners will be going to Ottawa Ontario for the national finals on May/June 2018.

    1. What is Concours?

    Canadian Parents for French’s Concours d’art oratoire is Canada’s largest, annual French‑language public‑speaking competition, involving close to 100,000 students every year, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. The aims of this public-speaking contest are to stimulate the interest of students learning French, to improve their oral skills, and to give them experience speaking in public. This event is organized by Canadian Parents for French, who has worked together with parents and schools since 1983 to organize school, district and provincial‑level competitions. Across Canada, thousands of students compete at the school and district levels, and last year, there were almost 300 winners.

    2. What are the benefits of Concours?

    Beside the cultural and language benefits, Concours helps students develop their creative and public-speaking abilities, as well as self‑discipline. All participants have the opportunity to make newfriends at the national levels.

    3. What are the prizes at the Provincial and National Concours?

    Prizes vary from year to year. This year, winners will go on to travel to the National Concours held in Ottawa where they will compete for a scholarships and other prizes from the University of Ottawa, Université de Moncton, Université de Saint Boniface, the University of Prince Edward Island, Université St-Anne and other partners. All students who participate in the Provincial Competition of Concours d’art oratoire receive a certificate of participation.

    4. When is Concours?

    This year, the provincial Concours will be held:

    Saturday, May 5, 2018

    5. How can my school or school district participate?

    Please feel free to pass on Concours information to your school and your school district so that they may provide it to their eligible students and support them through a variety of enrichment and support activities for the students taking French.

    6. Who competes at the provincial Concours?

    French Immersion (Early and Late): FLA 30 (all levels) Core French: French 30 (all levels)

    7. How does a student register for the provincial Concours?

    Interested students must register for the provincial competition through the Canadian Parents for French Alberta website or office (see below.) There is no registration fee, however the student’s family MUST be a member of Canadian Parents for French. To find out more about Canadian Parents for French membership, and to join or renew online, go to our website at and scroll down until you see the “Join Us” on the left‑side menu list under “What is CPF?” Click “Join” or “Renew”. A Family Membership is $25 for one year, or $60 for a 3‑year membership. There are many advantages for your family to be a member; for example, members receive the National Magazine and Provincial electronic newsletters, access to resources and information to support French instruction, access to programming at discounted rates and much more. As well, 80% of the membership fee comes right back to the local neighbourhood Canadian Parents for French chapter to provide extra resources and activities for your students! Online registration will be open from March 1 - April 21, 2018: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   The registration deadline is strictly enforced and no late registrations will be accepted. The Canadian Parents for French Alberta office must be notified of any conflicts prior to the competition. Your primary source of information is our web site: Look under the section Activities> Youth Activities> Concours d’art oratoire.

    8. How much does it cost to participate in the provincial Concours?

    There are no fees to participate, but the student’s family must be a member of Canadian Parents for French. Funding for this activity is provided through a financial contribution of Canadian Heritage.

    9. What are the official Concours rules?

    The rules at the provincial competition are strictly enforced! You can view the rules on our web site at  >FAQ >What are the official Concours rules?  Judging templates can also be found on the website.

    10. Where can I go for additional information or help?

    Contact the Canadian Parents for French Alberta Branch office at one of the numbers listed below. Questions? Call the Canadian Parents for French Alberta office at  locally at 780-433‑7311 or email us at [email protected]   #211, 15120 - 104 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5P 0R5 (780)433-7311 [email protected] Website: The PDF file below is a printable and sharable version of this page. 2016 AB Concours Description


    2018 Rules for Concours d'art oratoire

    1. The student may choose his or her own topic. Speeches must be an original work by the student, not a recitation of another person’s work. The presented speech may not have been used in a previous provincial or national Concours d’art oratoire competition. This is a speech arts competition as opposed to dramatic arts. Poems, songs and dramatic pieces are not allowed.
    2. The speech must be memorized. The speech cannot be read; it must be presented. Notes may be used, but only as an aid.
    3. The student must state the title of the speech. (Penalty: 1 point for failure to do so). Note: This does not have to be the first line delivered, but should be stated early in the speech.
    4. The student must include the opening expression: "Chers juges, chers parents, chers professeurs et chers amis". (Penalty: 1 point for failure to do so). Note: This does not have to be the first line of the speech.
    5. The speech must come to a logical conclusion.
    6. The student may not use a microphone.
    7. Students must not identify themselves by school or school district. (Penalty: 2 points for name/school stating).
    8. Costume and/or support material may not be used. (Penalty: Disqualification.)
    9. Gestures must be kept to a minimum. It is not necessary for the head and hands to remain completely motionless, but gestures must be natural and spontaneous, as opposed to dramatic. Examples of unacceptable gesturing: wild arm movements (flapping wings), pirouettes, kneeling, turning one’s back to the audience, etc. (Penalty: 1 to 3 points for excessive gesturing.)
    10. Right after the speech, the student will be asked two or three questions related directly to the speech by the judges.
    A jury of two to three impartial judges will evaluate speeches. Evaluation will be based on criteria similar to the attached judging form. Each teacher, parent, and senior student should be advised of eligibility requirements prior to participation in the Canadian Parents for French Alberta supported public speaking event. Everyone involved in any aspect of CPF Alberta supported public-speaking should have read and understood these rules.

    In accordance with Canadian Parents for French National policy only 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced. No other ranking, comments or feedback will be given to competitors. The judging forms remain the confidential property of Canadian Parents for French Alberta.

    Both an English and French version of the above rules are available in the PDF file attached below.

    2016 Rules for Concours Judging Rubric EN Judging Rubric FR  


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  • Exchanges and Excursions

    Great opportunities to travel and learn.

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  • Work Experience Opportunities

    Earn money while improving your French.

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Concours d’art oratoire


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