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The Alberta Branch of CPF was founded in 1977 and incorporated as a non-profit society in 1978 in order to promote, support and enhance French immersion and core French programs throughout this province.

Our 3,500 members are….

  • parents who want their children to learn French as a second language
  • other individuals (such as educators, researchers, program graduates, grandparents) who believe that young Canadians should have this opportunity
  • associations which take out non-voting memberships in order to access our information and support our goals.

Our branch activities include….

  • liaison between members and education authorities and decision-makers
  • work on major projects in support of French-second-language learning, often with partner organizations (e.g., the Accent web site)
  • promotion of opportunities for students to enhance their French language skills
  • monthly e-communiqués sent to members
  • annual conference for members
  • annual report of Alberta chapter activities CPF AB 2015 Annual Report
  • speakers, workshops, presentations
  • responses to individual enquires
  • news releases, media interviews
  • training sessions and other support for our local chapter volunteers
  • a resource library of information on French second-language learning and volunteerism for the use of our local chapters
  • sharing of information among parent groups within Alberta and Canada
  • What is CPF?

    CPF was founded in 1977 by parents who wanted to ensure that children would have the opportunity to become bilingual in the Canadian school system. Originally a small group of concerned parents who met in Ottawa, CPF has evolved into a proactive national network with 10 Branch offices and some 150 Chapters in communities nationwide.

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  • Board and Staff

    Who's who in CPF Alberta....

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  • Governance

    Includes all information and content related to governing, managing and maintaining CPF at the national, branch and chapter levels.

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  • Chapters

    A chapter is a group of ten or more CPF voting members residing in or affiliated with a particular city/town or school district who have chosen to become organized for the purpose of forwarding the goals of CPF.

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  • Partners

    CPF's partners, sponsors, and collaborators.

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  • Support CPF Alberta

    How can you help CPF Alberta?

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