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*Details for the next casino to be announced*

It’s getting to be Casino time again! Every two years we rely on our truly amazing membership base to man our fundraising casino.  This year our casino will be held on Saturday-Sunday April 1-2 2017 at Cowboys Casino in Calgary.  The funds raised through this casino help with our activities towards promoting French second-language learning. We require approximately 40 volunteers to work at this event.  Any CPF member who volunteers to work a casino shift will earn $100 for their chapter.  All volunteers must be 18 or older.  All key positions (General Manager, Banker, Count Room Supervisor and Cashier) must be current CPF members; chip runners and count room staff do not.  There will be a free meal and refreshments provided during your shift.  No prior knowledge is required as the casino advisors will train and support our volunteers.  Mileage can be reimbursed to those coming from out-of-town, and one hotel night for those from some distance.

Casino Volunteer Requirements and Position descriptions: www.aglc.ca/casino/volunteerrequirements.asp

Application for Key Positions (General Manager, Banker, Count Room Supervisor, Cashier): www.aglc.ca/pdf/gaming/gaming_forms/5400.pdf

This is a great opportunity to network with other CPF members and support your local Chapter in a fun way. If you can help out, please contact sbrims@ab.cpf.ca or 403 262 5187.

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